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What on earth is with the jars?

 If you know me, you’ll know I am always on the hunt for glass jars and bottles. (You’ll also know it drives my husband bananas because there’s jars everywhere in my house). If you have gotten stuff from me, you’ll know it usually comes in a reused jar and that I will give you a dollar worth of store credit (see my product page  )  It’s a bunch of extra clutter and a bunch of extra work and it makes my husband mad. So why?   Well... for starters, I do it for my dad.  He’s a character for sure. He can be a grump but he’s got a heart of gold. (Sort of like my husband, actually. I guess he set a high standard.  As a young man he was a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout and he really took it to heart to leave a place better than you found it. We (his daughters) spent our childhood stopping to pick up hats from the side of the road and carrying trash that wasn’t ours back to trash cans. And- this is a big one- recycling. At on