Moonlady’s Kitchen Product Page

Candied Fruits
Orange Peel (2 oz) $1.00
Lemon Peel (2 oz) $1.00
Lime Peel (2 oz) $1.00
Grapefruit Peel (2 oz) $1.00
Banana Peel (2 oz) $1.00
Watermelon rind (2 oz) $1.00

Dried Fruits and Veggies
Banana Chips (4 oz) $1.00
Apple Chips (2.5 oz) $5.00
Dried Pineapple (1 oz) $1.00 (SO)
Dried Kiwi (2 oz) $3.00 (SO)
Dried watermelon (2 oz) $1.00 (SO, seasonal)
Tomato chips (1 oz) $2.00 
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Fruit Leather (1 oz) $1.00
Spinach Apple Mango
Spinach Apple Pear
Cauliflower Mango
Mango Apple Pear
Mango Banana SCOBY (seasonal)
Citrusy Nopales Banana 
In stock flavors variety, Special orders available

Herbs $1.00 (1/2 oz)

Hand Scrubs $5.00/ 4 oz*
Coffee Sugar, Sweet Tea
Turbinado Chai
Lavender Sugar
Loquat Seed
Orange Mango Shell Sugar
Carbon black sugar
Cocoa Mango seed sugar

*$1 credit toward products for returned jars

Pumpkin bread                           $5
Rosemary high protein bread*   $5
High protein bread*                   $5

*contains whey

Jam (seasonally available until stock runs out)
Citrus Nopales.        $5
Fig.                          $5
Grape.                      $6

(SO) special order, to retain freshness. Can be made, please allow 3-5 days


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